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All accounts in one app

OutBank is your one stop solution for all your accounts, portfolios and credit cards.

Security & Privacy

All on your device. No data transfers to third-party servers, all data protected by strong encryption.


Well awarded with over 14 years of experience in developing banking apps.


Receive notifications of new transactions even when the app is not active.

Touch ID

OutBank supports Touch ID for quick, secure and easy access.

Do your banking anywhere

Check your accounts and send money anytime and anywhere – easy and secure.

Find out how easy it is to set up your accounts.
You will love it!
OutBank already supports over 4.000 banks and credit card issuers and new ones are constantly being added.

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Your data is only stored on your device!

Banking details are about as personal as any data gets. Your transactions, balances and your income are simply none of our business. That’s why all your data is stored and protected by strong encryption on your device. All transaction details are only exchanged between the app and your bank. We never transfer any of your data to our servers. In fact, we don’t need servers to provide fast, secure and easy banking on your iOS device.

"OutBank delivers truly secure banking with an outstanding experience."

- Frank Thelen, OutBank Investor

My Banking. Easy and Secure.

Available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch